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Our expert team will guide you from design to launch, with a personalized, turn-key approach, technical education and exceptional service.

The formula does not come in contact with the propellant or the can.
Safer for the environment and allows reduced preservatives or additives.
The formula can be continuously expelled, in any position and at room temperature.

Because it is safe, robust and widely compatible.

No, any BOV equipment can handle both the Power Pouch and Corsair devices.

In theory many standard actuators could be used. But for sprays, in order to obtain the best results, we recommend using actuators specifically designed for BOVs.

No, the power pouch typically uses compressed air or nitrogen as its propellant which have no impact on the environment and are not flammable. The Corsair airless system uses no gas.

If you choose the Power Pouch, yes, your product will be considered an aerosol because it will be pressurized. Although this specific type of aerosol is not dangerous, aerosol regulation will need to be followed. If you choose Corsair, no, your product will not be considered an aerosol.

Yes, the Power Pouch is compatible with tinplate, aluminum and plastic standard cans. The Corsair is compatible with any material and/or customized packaging designs.

We are flexible, dedicated and work to provide the shortest lead time possible.

No, PCC’s products are priced competitively with other Bag on Valve systems.

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